Oct 17 Show Question for the Fans

At the Oct 17 show in Mount Airy, NC AIWF Mid Atlantic is rollin’ around with the idea of doing a wrestling cosplay contest at the October 17th show. Dress like your favorite wrestler from AIWF Mid Atlantic, WWE, TNA, or ROH there will be prizes for winners tell us what you think of this idea. Would you the fans be willing to participate or not? Let us know by answering the question on aiwfmidatlantic.com

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Ty Tyson Wants Answers

AIWF Mid Atlantic has learned that over the past 3 weeks since Deal With The Steel Ty Tyson has made several attempts to contact TR Super Star regarding the events on August 15th that led to Tyson getting burned with a fire ball, but has not received any response to his long time friend, and tag partner. Many who know TR know that he takes yearly hunting trips in September that takes him to remote areas and many times he has no contact with the outside world, but does this have anything to do with the no reply to Ty’s attempts to make contact. Both men are scheduled to be in Mount Airy on September 26th. Will this be settled by then? Will the Mid Atlantic tag champs defend the titles, or will this blow up into something bigger?? Only a little less than two weeks till we find out……



Sign-Up is open for AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling and King Hot Dog’s Kings of The King Dog Contest

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Signup is open for the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling and King Hot Dog’s Kings of The King Dog Contest. Fill out the form below to sign up.


DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 Years of age and AIWF Mid Atlantic Wresting and King’s Hot Dogs is not responsible for any injury that my be caused by participating in this contest.



Breaking News

From the Offices of AIWF Mid Atlantic for Immediate Release:

AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling and Kings Hot Dogs of Rural Hall has decided to have a little contest to find out who the true King of the King Dog is!! Starting on September 26, 2015 in Mount Airy, NC an continuing, we will have a King Dog Eating Contest to find out who the true King of the King Dog in the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling is? Who has what it takes to bring their appetite to the table, lay it all on the line and eat their way to being crowned the King of the King Dog??!!  Stay tuned in to find out who has the biggest hunger for this championship and who the King truly is!! You don’t wanna miss this!

We here at AIWF Mid Atlantic Web Offices will let you know as we are notified of any entrants into the competition!!

King of the King Dog