AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling

About Us

For over 28 years, Allied Independent Wrestling Federations (AIWF) has been providing wrestling fans the ability to escape the real world and step into ours. Starting back in 1992 in Mt. Airy, NC the AIWF has made great strides to continue their goal of providing quality entertainment and wrestling for our fans. Some of our past superstars have been all around the world performing for the fans, and some of them you have seen on TV. The AIWF has become dedicated in the fight to keep indy wrestling alive, and with the introduction of our affiliate program, is quickly becoming a force in the indy wrestling scene. Currently the AIWF has members in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, and more, and is garnering more interest as each day passes.

Our corporate office is located in Mt. Airy, NC. If you need to reach the AIWF:

PO BOX 974 – TOAST NC 27049
Or by email:

For talent inquiries, booking, and fundraising, please contact Dean Puckett

For new members/affiliates, please contact Matt Classic

Our main website, gets over 10,000 unique hits per month, with over 100,000 page impressions per month. Your ad could reach a targeted media demographic effectively and very affordably. Our shows are televised on the internet, so your show sponsorship can target a certain city plus a larger audience on the world wide web.

As our affiliate program grows, so does our ability to reach a larger audience. With almost 80% of internet customers on high speed access, our extensive video library online allows fans from around the globe to check out our product and follow our company. The AIWF is not only known for our wrestling TV shows, as we also produce other forms of entertainment, such as our hugely popular 5 minutes of hell with Rick Deezel shoot interviews where one such video on the subject of Vince Russo garnered rave reviews on all of the internet video sites such as Youtube, Myspace, Google, etc. Rick Deezel is well known for speaking his mind, and this video alone set a huge wave across the internet!

With the expansion of the AIWF comes new territory for wrestling companies across the globe. Let the AIWF help you promote your company, your brand, while helping us promote the AIWF and indy wrestling. Contact us for more information on our affiliate program through our email above, and we will get back to you shortly.

In closing, thank you to everyone for your support over the last 28 years, and hang on, this ride is about to go into overdrive!