AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling

AIWF Hall of Fame

Class of 2005
Chris Wyndham
The first inductee into the AIWF Hall of fame came on October 29, 2005 when the late Chris Windham was inducted. Chris was an extraordinary wrestler. In 1996 in the PWI 500, Chris was ranked #454.

Class of 2006
Dangerous Don Carson (RIP 2014)
In 2006 it was only fitting that the next inductee into the AIWF Hall of Fame be “Dangerous” Don Carson. Don Carson has been in the business for over 25 years and has lead the T.V.A. for over 22 years. “I’ve held more tag titles than I can keep up with and single titles as well.” He started wrestling in Johnson City, TN and traveled up and down the East Coast until he came to the AIWF and found a way to win the Heavyweight belt and the Tag Titles, a record amount of times, he was awarded a lifetime AIWF Appreciation Award, and now, the 2nd member of the AIWF Hall of Fame. “I find I have a lot left to give to the AIWF and will lead the new T.V.A. into the AIWF for more years of pain and title dominance. I am excited to be inducted into the AIWF Hall of Fame. In 2014 Don Carson passed away, and in 2018 the AIWF Mid Atlantic formed the Dangerous Don Carson Memorial Tag Team Tournament .

Class of 2007
Jammer – Beloved masked man, tag team star
The third inductee to the AIWF Hall Of Fame is one of the first masked wrestlers to enter the AIWF. Jammer started out in singles competition, capturing the lightweight title, but his star really rose when he formed the tag team of Justice Inc with TNT the two held the tag titles on several occasions .

Class of 2009
Smilin’ Diamond Dave
In 2009 another member of the TVA took his place in the Hall of Fame. Smilin Diamond Dave started his wrestling carrier in 1984 in the great state of Tennessee. The ICW was where Dave started wrestling the IWC also featured NWA star Ronnie Garvin, and Randy Macho Man Savage. Dave has wrestled many stars during the course of his 20 + years in the business. like Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Jimmy Boogie Woogie Man valiant to name a few. Dave says that he only had one true partner Dangerous Don Carson. Together they formed the TVA ( “The Greatest tag team of all time’) as Dave says. The Smilin one has held many titles over the years including Heavyweight and tag titles in the AIWF, ICW, AWF, NCWF, and PWF. Dave wants to thank his wife Lisa, his kids, and a special thanks to the AIWF, Rick Deezel, and the fans for his great experience while with the AIWF.

The Intimidator
Big Ole Teddy Bear
2009 saw the induction of two stars from the AIWF past. The Intimidator was a very popular star from the 90′s. Calling him self Big Sexy the Intimidator was know for being accompanied to the ring by beautiful women from time to time. Started his carrier in 1990 and was trained by Ken Spence. Big Sexy came to the AIWF in 1993. His biggest feud was with (you guessed it ) Rick Deezel, and the Family. There was also a long standing feud with Don Carson and various members of the TVA. He held the AIWF U.S. title and even held the lightweight title for about 5 minutes due to an error that got the weight limit raised on the title too 400 lbs. Before retiring in 2000 The Intimidator spent his last 4 years in the CWA where he was a 2 time heavyweight champion and able to retire with the belt.

Rick Zee (RIP 1962 – 2009)
Rick Zee was a member of the Tennessee Intimidators with his partner Wild-man Walter in the mid to late 90′s with the AIWF. They were at time a popular tag team and at times a hated tag team. They feuded with the TV A as well as many of the young stars of the AIWF at the time. Rick Zee started his wrestling carrier in Tennessee in the late 80′s and is in the Tennessee wrestling hall of fame. Rick was still active until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. The AIWF had planed on inducting him in the Hall of Fame after he retired. We lost Rick Zee to Cancer on November 1st 2009.We will miss and respect him forever.

Class of 2010
Bill Holliday
Bill’s AIWF career started in 1996 but his interest in wrestling started long before that. “I remember many trips to Roanoke and Greensboro to watch wrestling and every Thanksgiving night in Greensboro watching Starcade. My first AIWF match that I reffed was in Mt. Airy,NC at Veterans Park. I worked with Don Hopkins , a very good ref. he taught me a lot.”Bill’s whole career has been with the AIWF (when you work for the best you don’t need any of the rest) Outside of the AIWF he has refereed matches in Myrtle Beach S.C.Bill has had the pleasure of working some of the best matches he says he has ever seen in wrestling . “Working matches with the TVA ( Smiling Diamond Dave , Robert Roma(one of the best), and Don Carson) was always fun and interesting. Brian Danzig and Daniel Mayes had some of the roughest matches of anybody in this business, never a dull moment. There are so many guys I have had the pleasure of working with these past 15 years, Jackie Anderson, Chris Windham(RIP),Death, War, Sweet Daddy, Steve Niles, War inc., Easy Rider, and Rick Deezel (more on Rick later), the list can go on. I also had the privilege of working matches with some of wrestling’s legends.”“I have been ask what was my favorite match. I have done so many that it is hard to pick one. Matches with Danzig and Mayes, TVA , were always good. The match with Steve Niles and Sweet Daddy at F-C High School will always be in my top 5. The first barb wire match with Rick Deezel and Brian Danzig was one to remember. I have been able work a lot of different states and meet a lot of people , Va. ,N.C., S.C., W.Va., and Tenn.. My two favorite places were War, W.Va. and the rec. center in Bassett Va. some really good memories in Bassett.”“Back to Rick Deezel, if you have followed the AIWF for the past 15 years you know me and Rick never see eye to eye on anything, but I would never have been able to do what I loved to do for the past 15 years if it had not been for him and the AIWF. He has helped me learn a lot in this business . We have traveled many miles on the road together. There’s none better in this business. He is always be a good friend.”

David Steel
A member of the War Machines. More info coming soon.

Jumpin Jimmy
More info coming soon

Class of 2011
Chief Wahoo McDaniel (RIP 1938-2002)
Wahoo McDaniel made his AIWF debut in 1993 against Ivan Koloff in an indian strap match in Mount Airy N.C. The chief went on to have a bloody feud with Rick Deezel in 1995. Chief Wahoo McDaniel is the first world wide legend to be inducted into the AIWF Hall Of Fame. He had a huge part to do with the training of some AIWF stars, and a large part in the help of bringing the AIWF together in the beginning years.

Chuckie Baby
Entered the AIWF in the early 90′s, and quickly became one of the most popular stars on the roster. Known for being a big teddy bear like person outside the ring, but hard nose, and skilled inside the ring. Was one of the first wrestlers to hold the AIWF Heavyweight title. Also the first Jewish wrestler to work for the AIWF. Feuded with Rick Deezel, Dynamite Doug, Brian Danzig, but was best know for his wars with the Righteous Rider, and Blaze. Chuck has been living in Las Vegas, and has been battling health issues for some time. We wish him luck.

Class of 2012
In the late 90’s a team called The War Machines cut a path of destruction through the AIWF. That team was led by a woman named Angel, with hair as big as the shoulder pads in her leisure coat, and a love for titles Angel became the first Valet/manager to make a mark in the AIWF, and the first to be inducted into the AIWF Hall Of Fame.

Generation X
JT Sledge & Terminator X – more info coming soon

Don Hopkins (RIP)
More info coming soon

Class of 2014
The Family – Brian Danzig & Pagan
Bad Brad
Daniel Mayes

Class of 2015
Ricky Morton
In 1995 Ricky Morton agreed to wrestle a show for the AIWF. that started the longest run with the company for any world wide superstar. For the next 25 years Ricky has been a regular superstar making his way through the various AIWF affiliates. He has held the AIWF U.S. and world heavyweight tiles. he has feuded with the top wrestlers in the AIWF for 25 years. There was even a short time in the 90’s where he turned on the fans, and became a member of the hated stable known as the Family. Yes Ricky was a bad guy in the AIWF for a while, one of the very few wrestling companies he ever made the most hated list, as Ricky has been a fan favorite for 99 percent of his career.

Chuck King
Chuck King entered the AIWF as a member of East Coast Bodley Harm with James Reno. After an injury put Reno out Chuck began tag teaming with other wrestlers in the AIWF, and used his years of experience to guide young wrestlers to better themselves in, and out of the ring. He helped hone the skills of many new talents in the ring, and shape their minds to learn more about the phycology of the wrestling business. Chuck was a teacher, and a mentor.

EZ Rider (RIP)

Boston Terrier
With technical skills that are unmatched to this day, as well as a high flying arsenal. The Boston Terrier quickly became one of the first truly legendary fan favorites in the AIWF. BT as many called him entered the AIWF in 1993, and took his place at the top of the roster almost immediately. He was the first recorded AIWF champion, which leads many to call him the very first real AIWF champion, paving the way for generations of wrestlers from all over the world to hold the title that is now the AIWF world title

Dr. Bill Payton & Madd Matt Carter
Play by play teams have come, and gone throughout the years, but when Dr Bill, and Madd Matt picked up the microphones it was magic. These two were the dream team of the AIWF behind the mic’s. Matt had the knowledge, and for his age he was one of the most knowledgeable commentators of the time. He knew everything about the AIWF, and he could add in trivia from just about any company in the business. Dr Bill was the witty one liner king, he also had a deep knowledge of the business, but his timing with a quick response was dead on every time. the wrestlers of the 90’s were honored to have these two call their matches.

Class of 2016
Dixie Dynamite (Dynamite Doug & Johnny Rebb)
Dixie Dynamite formed in the early days of the AIWF when tag teams were few and far between. The AIWF needed a tag team to feud with the TVA, and karma sent Dynamite Doug and Johnny Reb, and it love at first sight for the fans. Both wrestlers had already held major single titles in the AIWF, but tag wrestling was where they shined the brightest, and where they locked their place in the Hall Of Fame.

Robbie Evil
From the start there was something about Robbie Evil that the fans just loved. whether he was tagging with Major Havoc, tagging with Chuck King, or singles, Robbie always stood out as the one fans took to. Kids loved his crazy antics in the ring, and adults loved the fact that he could go toe to toe with any style wrestler he stepped in the ring with. Even after he retired from in ring action he stood out behind the mic when he would sit in a a guest commentator. He even took a shot at commissioner for a while Robbie Evil has done it all.

The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant
The Boogie Woogie Man Started to make his way to the AIWF in the early 2000’s. He was already a mainstay in the Mid Atlantic area, and had worldwide name value but did not fit the AIWF style at the time. However once he debuted in the AIWF he quickly became one of the top draws for the company as far as named talent was concerned. His interaction with the fans and the entertainment value of his matches locked him in as Hall Of Fame material.

Nature Boy Buddy Landel (RIP)
The Nature Boy made his way to the AIWF in the late 90’s. He spent a short time as AIWF champion before losing the title to Termanator X in a wild three way cage match which also included Chainz at Seasons Beatings 1998 in Bassett Va. Buddy became a mentor to many wrestlers in the AIWF during his stay, and was know teaching them much about the business. An awesome wrestler, and friend. He will be missed

Class of 2017
Curt Otterholt (RIP)
Curt was an AIWF Affiliate Promoter who ran shows in the Mid West under Minnesota Extreme Wrestling.

Terry (Rocker) Lawler
Terry is alive and well, retired from pro wrestling he is a Georgia wrestling legend and former AIWF GA Heritage Champion.

Steve Niles
Steve Niles started out just like any other young rookie wrestler. A little nervous, a little clumsy, and having a hard time finding who he was meant to be in the world of professional wrestling. Then one day he discovered hardcore wrestling, and a legend was born. Barbed wire, thumb tacks, ladders, fire. when these things were involved he was home. People used to talk about Craig The Pitbull Pittman telling a story about being on a show one time, and a guy got his head set on fire, well the guy he was talking about was Steve Niles. His feuds with The Scorpion, and Brian Danzig were amazing, but his feud with Terminator X was legendary.

Creeping Death
Weather he was the fun loving leader of the stoner group MWO, or the front man of the extremely dangerous Riders Of The Apocalypse, the man always know as Death made his mark in the AIWF in a big way. He was the very first AIWF World champion when the affiliate program was announced, He was the first traveling champion for the AIWF, and to tell a secret he developed the very first AIWF website. A man of many talents and visions. He displayed that when he started the AIWF Affiliate C4W with his buddy’s in Myrtle Beach SC, and established it as one of the longest regular running wrestling shows to ever be based in Myrtle Beach running shows twice a month.

Steven Hayes
He began his AIWF run known as Alpha Omega, but with time Steven Hayes started to develop his true identity, and Steve Hayes was born. Best known for his hardcore matches with Creeping Death, Steve could dish out as well as take punishment, with His manager/wife Abby by his side he captured the AIWF title and was a champion that towered over many of his opponents.

Kodiak (RIP)
RIP Although he was never a main event wrestler or a major title holder, Kodiak was loved by the fans. He was their lovable teddy bear. He spent some time tagging with Johnny Reb, and The Good Ole Boy. He was also know in the dressing room as the furriest wrestler in the AIWF in the late 90’s. ,He will be missed.

Alex Rhinoff (RIP)
Alex never made a huge impact as a wrestler in the AIWF, but when he became a member of Generation X as a manager and part time wrestler he found his place in the company. His guidance, and experience helped TX, and Sledge reach new heights in the AIWF.

Class of 2018
The Scorpion
He started in the AIWF wrestling under a mask, and was the first to remove the mask, and keep their original name. He was a record setting Tv champion, and a member of the mercenaries with Major Havoc, and Sargent Butch Steel . Had great matches with Steve Niles. After retiring The Scorpion fell under the wrestling radar, and made very few wrestling related appearances.

He was 1/2 of the hottest high flying tag team of the early 2000’s in the AIWF with 2D Extreme they held the tag titles, and set the bar for other teams of the time to follow. He was also a member of the hated, and feared riders of the Apocalypse along with Famine, Death, and War. However we all just called him little Stevie, the AIWF’s own personal beach ninja.

Whether he was Famine or 2D Extreme, or to be honest any number of character’s in C4W he was always entertaining. as 2D Extreme he held the tag titles with Minion, and as Famine he was a member of the Riders in the early 2000’s he is also remembered as the guy who faked a family member’s cancer diagnosis to win a belt, we honor his entertainment and his creativeness.

Ivan Koloff (RIP)
The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff made AIWF History when he was in the first ever name talent match in the AIWF when he faced Wahoo McDaniel in Mount Airy N.C. in 1993. The match helped draw over 300 fans to the show and gave the AIWF the push it needed in it’s second year to start a journey that has continued for 29+ years. Since then Ivan has appeared in many AIWF affiliates and is the name sake for the Ivan Koloff tag team tournament for the NCWF in Clayton N.C, Ivan also was Commissioner for the AIWF for a short while. Thank you Ivan Koloff for all you did for the AIWF.

Scott Eiland (RIP)
When Scott Eiland came to the AIWF he was a wrestling fan, but had just started doing commentary in Lexington N.C. But as time went by Scott became a very talented wrestling commentator, and ring announcer. He was dedicated to the details which makes for a great on camera personality. Sadly we lost Scott in 2017 bringing to an end something special. We here at the AIWF are so glad we could be a part of Scott’s journey, he will be missed.

Corey Duncom (RIP)
Corey Duncom was a main stay in Independent wrestling in the Carolinas , and was vey popular. He came to the AIWF and instantly caught the attention of the fans. he tagged with Paco Loco to form an exciting and entraining team .

Joanie Lee aka Chyna (RIP)
Even though she only wrestled one match in the AIWF, it was a very important match in her path to stardom. In her book she writes that her match in 1996 against Badd Brad in Mount Airy NC was the match that caught the attention of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and help them to decide to go to Vince McMahon about hiring her for the WWF. We remember he as a super sweet lady in the early stages of her wrestling career, eager to learn, and willing to work with anyone to make herself a better wrestler. Thank you Joanie for making us a part of your wonderful life. you will be missed.

Class of 2019
Black Knight
King Cobra
The Phantoms
Butch Steel
Iron Horse (RIP)
Sir Oliver Humperdink (RIP)

Class of 2020
TR Superstar
Luscious Kevin / Sgt. Stryker
Jackie Anderson
Drew Game (RIP)