Trust in Phil?

It”s obvious that Phil Stamper thinks he can outsmart both the fans and wrestlers in Mt. Airy.  After cashing in the Money in the Piggy Bank back in February 2013 against an unconscious Bobby Yela, Stamper won the Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight Championship, even outshining James Anthony after his grueling Ladder Match against Yela.  He kept the title for months, dodging Anthony, Court Montgomery, and many other challengers until finally he lost the title to James Anthony.  Stamper disappeared shortly after, only to return with a shirt and tie, a vendetta against Court Montgomery, and another shot at Anthony for the Cruiserweight title.  Sadly his vendett with Mongtomery got in the way, as it was Court who was victorious in this Triple Threat matchup, but Phil still sticks by his motto, Trust in Phil.  What does Stamper have in store for the fans in the Mid Atlantic?  Exactly how smart does Stamper think he is?  Keep watching and find out soon what Stamper has in store for you!


The future is here

Or at least TR Superstar would like you to think that. The ring veteran returned to the AIWF after not being seen since the late 1990″s to help long time friend Jimmy Jannetty, but this time he decided to stay.
Defeating former friend Drake Tungsten in October, TR was set on a path of destruction throughout the Mid Atlantic, but no one knew what he was after. November would reveal just that though when he went to Justin Flash’s merchandise table insulting Flash’s girlfriend, and demanding a title shot.
After Tim Dolan agreed to give him that shot, he wasn’t done just yet. After Flash’s match with TJ Cannon, TR attacked, and an all out brawl ensued. Luckily for Flash he was able to one up the vet, but this is far from over. When will TR get his shot at the Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship? Does he know how to beat the on fire Flash?


Flash reigns supreme… For now…

12 months ago, Justin Flash was a thing of the past.  Missing from the AIWF rings for over a year, regular fans of the AIWF had forgotten about the competitor.  That all changed on Friday January 18, 2013 in Mt. Airy, NC, as the former AIWF World Tag Team Champion, former AIWF Hardcore Champion, former AIWF No Limits Champion, and former AIWF World Heavyweight Champion returned for the AIWF”s 21st Anniversary show with tag team partner Jason Blade to celebrate the heritage of the AIWF.  Making quite the splash, he came back the next night and lost to Aaron Vaughn from then AIWF Affiliate company HVW in Asheville, NC.  What we saw though was the fire, the fire was burning, and Flash was about to turn up the heat!

February came and gone, and March at the Krazy 8 Flash took on former TNA and ROH Superstar Sonjay Dutt.  In what most would think was the Match of the Year in the Mid Atlantic, Flash came out victorious and impressed the AIWF brass.  The next month he was entered into a mini tournament for the AIWF Mid Atlantic to become their contender for the AIWF World title, which was vacated.  Flash made quick work of his opponents, and went to Blue Ridge, GA on May 25th for his shot against Kyle Matthews, Salem Sinner Sixx, and Justin Overstreet.  In the end, the former champion felt the odds of the numbers game and was eliminated.  His quest was not over.

In August, Flash was named as a participant in the Money in the Piggy Bank match at Deal with the Steel.  This match pits 5 competitors against each other in a steel cage, with the winner being the lone person to climb the ladder and get the Pinata with a title contract in it.  Flash won, and quickly left the crowd in yet another Match of the Year Candidate.  Emerging approximately 20 minutes later, Flash tossed the Pinata in the ring to Senior Official Darren Ceran, scaled the cage, and took a leap of faith onto JD Anderson, defeating him in seconds to become the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion.

With all eyes on Flash, the challengers began to emerge.  In September Flash was successful in defending the title, then was ambushed by Kyle Styles.  Defeating Kyle in October, his next challenger emerged in TJ Cannon.  In yet another Match of the Year Candidate, these two men done battle again in a Steel Cage, with Flash narrowly defeating his “soul mate in the ring.”  Out of nowhere, TR Superstar comes out and attacks Flash, laying his claim to the title and wanting his shot at the gold.

Can Flash maintain his championship and his respect of the locker room?  Everyone is gunning for him, but the question remains of how long can he hold on?  Does TR Superstar have his number?  One thing is for sure, Flash is on a tear lately, and he is bringing the AIWF Mid Atlantic back to the top of independent wrestling in North Carolina!