AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling


AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 225James Anthony and Kevin Phoenix are in action on this episode, plus Mid Atlantic Champion Lodi gets his promo interrupted
Sgt. Stryker Gets FiredAfter weeks of resisting Sgt. Stryker was so overcome with emotion after winning the flag match at Deal With The Steel that he saluted the flag. Something he was told not to do by Creative Control.
Breaking News from Deal with the SteelImmediately following the Money in the Piggy Bank Match, Creative Control not done yet, decided to make their presence known again.
Breaking News from Deal with the SteelTonight during the Deal with the Steel Money in the Piggy Bank, yes Vince this is a Stab at your match.
Breaking News from Deal with the SteelTonight at Deal with the Steel Creative Control unhappy with Sgt. Stryker's win of the AIWF Mid Atlantic Virginia Championship. An after a banned salute while celebrating his win.
Breaking News from Deal with the SteelOn August 15th in Mount Airy at Deal With The Steel Ty Tyson again was on the wrong side of an injury.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 224On this episode we take a look at the Scrapyard Dog Kozone feud that has came up from no where. Kozone attacked Dog a few months ago, and the two has been at ever since.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 223On this episode TY Tyson and Damien Wayne finely come face to face The challenge is made, and almost excepted. Watch and see what happens.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Worldwide Podcast / Episode 1AIWF Mid Atlantic brings back our Worldwide with Scott Eiland. We have a new format and the show has been redesigned. You can now enjoy the Worldwide as a weekly podcast.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 222With Deal With The Steel just a few short weeks away things are heating up between Kevin Stryker and Rusty Shank.

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