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AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 202

aiwf, January 25, 2015

Welcome to AIWF Mid Atlantic episode 202. On this episode newcomers Smokey C and Christian Kobain face off in our opening match. We take a look back at the Hall Of Fame class of 2015.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 201

aiwf, January 18, 2015

Coming to you from Johnson City Tennessee, this episode has the AIWF Mega Champion Lance Erickson defending against J.D. Hogg.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 200

aiwf, January 11, 2015

Welcome to the 200th episode of AIWF Mid Atlantic! This week in our main event we have tag team action, Chainz and his son Axton Ray take on #THETrust members Ty Tyson & Steven Hayes, plus the young a...
Axton Ray Injured, Hospitalized After Attack by “The Trust.”

aiwf, December 29, 2014

Axton Ray’s meteoric rise through the AIWF world rankings may have experienced its first real snag December 27 when he sustained a severe knee injury--the result of a vicious attack by members of ...
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 199

aiwf, December 28, 2014

Speechless is the word of the day on this episode, as you are about to see one of the most controversial endings to a wrestling match in history as the Mid Atlantic tag titles are on the line in a thr...
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 198

aiwf, December 21, 2014

On this episode the Forking Dog Collar match between Scrapyard Dog, and Ty Tyson headlines this episode.
AIWF's Class of 2015 Hall of Fame is...

aiwf, December 16, 2014

Take a minute and check out the AIWF Class of 2015 Hall of Fame to be inducted on Saturday January 17, 2015 at the AIWF 23rd Anniversary show!
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 197

aiwf, December 15, 2014

The steel cage headlines this episode as Mid Atlantic Tennessee champion Jackie Anderson takes on T.R.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 196

aiwf, December 7, 2014

Welcome to AIWF Mid Atlantic wrestling. On this episode we travel to Johnson City for the first time in years, as EWC wrestling officially become a part of AIWF Mid Atlantic.
AIWF Mid Atlantic Episode 195

aiwf, December 1, 2014

The time is here. The Contract signing between Kevin Phoenix, and TR Superstar, see how it turned out, plus in a special guest match the C4W title is on the line and Mason Myles takes on Alex Kai.

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